Foie Grass Risotto With Mango Bubble


Lively coloured and fruity flavoured, this sweet-and-sour risotto is a crossroad of three cuisines, the French, The Italian and the Taiwanese. Foie-grass is a famous French speciality; mango bubble tea (or milk) is a popular beverage from Taiwan; risotto is one of the best known Italian dishes.

Being very doughy and flavourful, foie-grass is the perfect addition to flavour risotto as well as the soft yet meaty Mango. The effect of the combination of these two ingredients is very original, it gives birth to a dish of great personality. Simply, taste it, and then decide whether you like it or not.

Risotto with fruit is absolutely not uncommon in the Italian tradition. Risotto with strawberries is the most popular Italian risotto of this kind; other common flavours are the lemon, orange, avocado, raspberry, pears, peaches, nuts, almonds, and pomegranate.  We may really say that every fruit is a possible flavour for risotto! “Gorgonzola”, a special and very tasty Italian blue cheese, is often added to the basic recipe in order to make risotto creamier and tastier.

Coming to wine pairings, fruit flavours go well with a dry still white wine with a fruity bouquet, for example, our Satnik “Radicon”.