Hokkaido Scallops Zabaglione Gratin

This delicious sweet-and-sour seafood second course merges the very Italian zabaglione –a sweet cream made out of eggs – with one of the most celebrated Japanese delicatessens, Hokkaido scallops. The result of this fusion is something as sweet as a dessert, yet sea fragrant, that will impress you and your palate for its unicity.

Zabaione is a traditional dessert (the most ancient recipes go back to the XIV century) probably from Naples made out of yolks, liqueur, and sugar. It looks like a foamy light custard. It is used as the main ingredient of several liqueurs, like Vov.

Hokkaido scallops have a tender consistency and creamy texture, and a sweet taste. Their flavor is something unique, this is the reason why they are so much appreciated. In Japan, they are utilized to prepare sashimi, or eaten grilled or seared. Hokkaido scallops are available all year round, but spring offers more flavourful scallops.

Coming to wine pairings, seafood commands white wine, no matter if still or lightly sparkling. We suggest our Etna Bianco Superiore, or Greco di Tufo, or Bianco Secco