Tagliolini With Hokkaido Sea Urchins

Enjoy the unique fragrance of Hokkaido sea urchins in this traditional Italian pasta dish that is said to  taste  like the pure essence of the sea. Sea urchins are not as posh as oysters, but they are very similar even regards to the texture that is smooth and creamy. They really melt in your mouth.

“Tagliolini” is the name of the  type of egg pasta that is utilized in the original recipe. It looks like long narrow ribbons that absorb very well any kind of sauce. Hokkaido urchin is one of the tastiest varieties of sea urchins available on the market today.is

We prepare “Tagliolini ai ricci di mare” – this is the Italian name of this delicious dish – without adding nothing to the original Sicilian recipe. We cook sea urchins and pasta separately and then serve “Tagliolini” topped with sea urchins and  seasoned with their  flavourful gravy.

Tagliolini with Hokkaido sea urchins is the first course. It is an excellent introduction to any seafood or fish second course, like our Today’s fish dish. Coming to wine pairing, we suggest a white still wine with a fresh, fruity flavour, like our Gewurztraminer DOC Franz Haas, 2012.