Wagyu A5 Tenderloin Sukiyaki From Kagoshima With Fava Beans Risotto


This deeply oriental, sophisticated meat dish is an expression of the real essence of the authentic Japanese cuisine. The savour of Wagyu and the mild fragrances of rise and broad beans are wisely blended together, in order to get a well-balanced result that is particularly recommended for fine palates. While enjoying your Wagyu with beans and risotto, try to distinguish each individual fragrance. You will discovery that this apparently simple dish is in reality like a small symphonic opera. If Wagyu tenderloin could be the brass, risotto and beams are like the drums and the bassline. Take the occasion to relax on letting this music take you somewhere in the huge universe.

Wagyu is a special breed of cows very renowned in the world for their highly marbleized meat. Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish that became very popular during the Meiji period (1868-1912). It is prepared in Nabemono (it means literally, “cooked and served in a hot pot”) style and consists of some meat cooked in a small metal pan at the table alongside other ingredients, usually vegetables. This traditional food is often consumed during festivities, particularly at new year’s eve.

Coming to wine pairing, Sake is certainly a great idea with Sukiyaki with beans and risotto. For lovers of Italian wines, we suggest that you should to accompany this dish with a medium body red wine, like Chianti or San Giovese. It will complete your Sukiyaki with its pleasant, fruity notes.