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Takada Masahiro

A dish oh specialties born form a new sensibility

Ristorante Takada is a brand new Italian-Japanese restaurant located along Alexandra Road, standing out from the swanky stretch of shops in recently launched Alexis apartment. The restaurant is helmed by Chef Masahiro Takada, who has honed his skills in Michelin-starred restaurants in both Italy and Japan.

The 38-year-old former Executive Chef of the renowned Osteria La Luna Rossa (in Tokyo and Singapore) has carved a reputation for creating Italian and Japanese fusion masterpieces. The exciting menu and cooking techniques at Ristorante Takada are inspired by Chef Takada’s 8-year stint in Italy to bring out the best of Italian flavors.

Fluent in Italian, the Japanese national has garnered diverse experience and cultivated extraordinary culinary pedigree at seven 2 Michelin-starred restaurants and ten 1 Michelin-starred restaurants such as Ristorante Sadler, Ristorante Ambasciata and Ristorante Antica Corona Reale. His position as head chef of the prestigious 1 Michelin-starred Ristorante Pisterna in Acqui Terme, Italy, further strengthened his culinary skills and influenced his approach to food.

Ristorante Takada offers an $88 and $128 degustation menu that changes daily as well as a $250 Omakase menu. An advocate for using only the freshest premium ingredients, Chef Takada ensures the quality of his food by importing ingredients from specific regions of Japan and Europe. Seasonal ingredients like white asparagus and white truffles are imported from Europe, while the freshest seafood like Hokkaido scallops, Hokkaido sea urchin and bluefin tuna are imported from Tokyo’s Tsukiji market.

The $128 degustation menu comprising of seven courses with a choice of three main courses always begins with a surprise amuse bouche. Expect dishes such as white asparagus wrapped in prosciutto complemented with egg soufflé, truffle, and mushroom cappuccino with truffle foam, squid ink taglioni topped with fresh sea urchin, and risotto paired with foie gras cooked to perfection.

Japanese-Italian cooking is lesser known compared to Japanese-French cuisine and Chef Takada intends to create another legacy at Ristorante Takada. His clear understanding of both cuisines, coupled with the utmost attention to details and the finest ingredients, allows him to create well-executed, refined and refreshing dishes.

1995 URAYASU BRIGHTON HOTEL - Chiba (French Teppanyaki)

1997 RISTORANTE ITALIANO ANTONIO - Tokyo Minami Aoyama (Authentic Italian)

2001 to 2009 (8 years in Italy)


RISTORANTE IL CASCINALE NUOVO - Piemonte Asti (1 Michelin Star)

RISTORANTE IL CENTRO - Piemonte Alba (1 Michelin Star)

RISTORANTE PISTERNA - Piemonte Acqui Terme (1 Michelin Star)

RISTORANTE MEZZO SOLDO - Trentino Trento (1 Michelin Star)


RISTORANTE AMBASCIATA - Lombardia Mantova (2 Michelin Star)

RISTORANTE AQUILA NIGRA - Lombardia Mantova (1 Michelin Star)

RISTORANTE SADLER - Lombardia Milano (2 Michelin Star)

RISTORANTE LA FRASCA - Emilia - Romagna Forli (2 Michelin Star)

RISTORANTE LA TENDA ROSSA - Toscana Firenze (2 Michelin Star)

RISTORANTE LA COSTARELLA - Marche Ancona                  


TAVERNA DEL CAPITANO - Campania Napoli (2 Michelin Star)


2009 RISTORANTE LA GRADISCA - Head Chef Tokyo Nishi Azabu (Fine Dinning Italian)

2011 OSTERIA LA LUNA ROSSA - Head Chef Tokyo Nakameguro (Tokyo Italian)

2012 OSTERIA LA LUNA ROSSA - Executive Chef Singapore Orchard (Japanese Italian)

2014 RISTORANTE TAKADA - Owner Chef Singapore Queenstown (Tokyo Italian)

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